Granite Kitchen Counter Tops – The Ultimate in Style and Function

November 13, 2012

In many modern homes the kitchen has become the true heart of the home. No longer is it just a space where meals are prepared but also where families congregate to eat in casual style, socialize and simply hang out, which may explain why so many people are paying far more attention to the way their kitchen looks (as well as the financial advantages that kitchen remodeling provides, increasing the value of the entire home in most cases) And the focus of any kitchen, big or small, are the kitchen countertops.

There are so many kitchen counter top options available these days but granite kitchen counter tops remain a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. They are durable, beautiful and far more affordable than you might ever imagine, but did you realize exactly how many design possibilities there are when choosing granite countertops for your kitchen?

From the warmth of natural browns, reds and oranges to the stark  brilliance of a myriad shades of white and gray there is a granite counter top option available to suit any décor, from a rustic country style kitchen to a futuristic masterpiece filled with stainless steel appliances.

Just how durable are natural granite kitchen countertops? Only a pure diamond is tougher. Granite kitchen counters will not scratch, chip or blister.  They stand up to hot cooking pots, accidental spills, even hot oils and grease, all while retaining their beautiful appearance.

While you will pay a little more for granite countertops than you might other options the investment you make will pay for itself over time, whether it is by increasing the resale value of your home or just by the fact that they will remain beautiful and functional for decades to come.

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