Ceramic Tiles in the Bathroom – More than Just Floors

September 10, 2012

Using ceramic tile to re-floor a bathroom, big or small is far from a new concept. As ceramic tile flooring is durable, beautiful and extremely easy to clean and maintain it is an almost logical choice. However there are so many other uses for ceramic tile in the bathroom that all of them deserve your consideration when you are remodeling your bathroom (or decorating a new one from scratch)

The walls are another rather common place to use ceramic tile in the bathroom but this is where you can really let you imagination run wild and set the décor tone for the whole room. There are so many ceramic tile options available, in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and patterns that you may even find choosing the right one for your bathroom a daunting choice at first.

Perhaps one of the most popular ceramic tile design options for a bathroom is the use of smaller accent tiles which when used in conjunction with larger ceramic tiles can create a border pattern and a theme that no wallpaper or paint could even come close to matching (and is far easier to clean and maintain.) From the whimsical and amusing to the ultimate in simple elegance Aladdin Carpet and Floors carries ceramic tile to suit any taste and any budget.

As ceramic tile manufacturing and design processes have evolved over the years  one can even now find ceramic tile for use in the bathroom, the kitchen and beyond that really doesn’t look like ceramic tile at all (but has all the same wonderful properties) From ceramic tiling that mimics the appearance of wood to tiles that have a metallic appearance that can be used to create a truly unique and sophisticated atmosphere in any room , these are certainly a far cry from the ceramic tiles of days gone by.

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