Magic Fresh Carpet® – A Perfect Solution for Pet Owners

June 3, 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a carpet treatment available that was long lasting, destroyed almost any odor and was environmentally friendly at the same time? Actually, there is and the professionals at Aladdin Carpet are always happy to tell their customers about it.

Magic Fresh®, which was created by one of America’s premier carpet manufacturers – Beaulieu of America –, is not a deodorant or something that merely masks odors temporarily. Instead it is actually an amazing piece of technology that chemically absorbs and decomposes odors. Magic Fresh is also self-renewing, standing up to vacuuming, cleaning and heavy foot traffic without losing its effectiveness.

Who should consider a new carpet treated with Magic Fresh®? Pretty much everybody. Even if you do not smoke indoors and do not have pets, cooking odors and just everyday life can make your home a pretty smelly place.

Magic Fresh® is a must for pet lovers. However clean and well trained your pets are they still have their distinctive “animal smell” and since the carpet is both bed and playground for most pets they will leave their scent behind. Magic Fresh® is also extremely effective at neutralizing any odors left behind after “pet accidents”.

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