Caring for Your Ceramic Tile

May 8, 2012

Apart from its durability and rigidity, coupled with its beauty and infinite design possibilities ceramic tile is also hugely popular for another reason – it is so easy to care for.

Whether it is laid on the floor, on the walls, indoor or out most ceramic tile needs only very basic cleaning in order to keep it looking great for years. Some pointers:

Ceramic Tile Floors – No need to haul out the vacuum cleaner if you have ceramic tile flooring, a simple once over with a broom will do the trick for quick daily clean ups. One of the problems many people worry about these days are indoor allergens – dust, pollen, animal dander – and since ceramic tile does not attract them such things can be easily swept way.

To combat any stains or spills a once weekly going over with a mop and a hot soapy solution is usually all that is required to keep the dirt at bay (just remember to dry mop afterwards, or keep people out until the floor is dry.)

Dirty grout can become an annoyance and spoil the overall appearance of your ceramic tile flooring. To keep it from becoming stained or discolored grouting should be resealed annually and any dirt removed in the interim with a mild bleach solution and a soft cloth (or even an old toothbrush – great for getting ridding of stubborn grout stains.)

Ceramic Tile on Walls – Ceramic tile is commonly found on the walls of two of the highest traffic rooms in the average home – the kitchen and the bathroom. Since all they really need is the occasional going over with a soapy water solution that makes them a far easier choice of wall covering than paint or wallpaper. The reason that so many people choose ceramic tile for their kitchen backsplash is that all that nasty cooking grease and grime comes off easily with just a regular household multipurpose cleaner – no scrubbing or repainting required.

Any bathroom – however clean and well kept – can end up harboring a little mildew. If mildew begins to appear on the ceramic tiling in your shower or on the walls it can be easily removed by applying a water and ammonia solution and rinsing it off gently. Do however remember to make sure that you either run the bathroom exhaust fan or open a window before working with the ammonia though!

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