Choosing the Hardwood Floors that are Right for You

March 13, 2012

Few people could argue that hardwood floors really are an attractive addition to any home. Often the fact that a home has at least some hardwood flooring is a major selling point as well should the homeowners decide to move on. The biggest decision you have to make when choosing to have hardwood floors installed is which of the many options should you choose? Rich dark black walnut, or a more neutral wood, such as maple or oak? Warm cherry? A look at some of the most popular:

White Oak – White oak hardwood floors have a traditional, elegant appearance that is surprisingly durable and very easy to clean and maintain. White oak wood is long-grained, with dynamic swirls and curls. What is referred to as the ‘heart wood’ can range in color from light blond to dark brown and feature all kinds of unique patterns.

Black Walnut – Rich and dramatic, black walnut is another excellent option for hardwood flooring, especially if you are trying to add warmth and character to a large bland room. Often featuring dramatic nearly purple swirls black walnut makes a bold flooring statement. While it is not quite as dent resistant as oak it is still a great, durable hardwood flooring option.

Maple – Of all the hardwood flooring options maple may be the most practical. The sapwood being a pale brown, and the heartwood being a light to reddish color, it is well suited with neutral tones and great for use with almost any décor. It is also extremely strong and durable, perfect for a busy family environment.

Cherry – The warmth of cherry hardwood flooring is can lend itself to any décor scheme from the most traditional to the ultra-modern.  Cherry hardwood flooring usually has a smooth, satiny texture, and an appealing reddish-brown color. It is a little weaker than some hardwood flooring options but finished correctly it can last just as long as any other type.

These are just a few options. There are many others as a visit to a good hardwood floor supplier can show you. Ultimately which material your choose for your new hardwood floors is very much a personal design preference, dictated by both a homeowners personal sense of style and the overall layout of the home. Working with experienced professionals though can help you make the right decision.

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