To Hire or To Do-It-Yourself?

September 11, 2011

do it yourselfTimes are tough and we all do what we can to keep a tight budget.  And one of the more heavy expenses we need to contend with is hiring for home repairs or improvement.  It is no wonder that do-it-yourself instructions are flourishing everywhere.  Watching those DIY videos or reading those books make installing those ceramic tiles or replacing those hardwood planks easy.  But there are a lot more considerations than saving money and following instructions.  Before you embark on a DIY project, here are some guidelines you should look into before deciding how to get that work done in your home.

1) Quality of work – No matter how well you follow instructions, it’s unlikely that it will be as well done as that of professional work.  And if it does not come out as you expect, remember that you will be looking at it for a while.  Weigh your capabilities and the level of difficulty of the task.

2)  Time -  Many fail to consider how much their own time costs.  How much will it cost you to take time away from business or work?  Projects may cause some downtime for you and it is likely to take longer to finish considering you are not a professional.

3)  Equipment – Some tasks may require tools or equipment you do not own.  Consider the cost of renting out these tools and equipment.  It is also possible that you are not capable enough to operate them or it may not even be safe for you to operate them.

4)  Safety -  Professionals are well-equipped with the right safety gear and are likewise trained to do things safely.  Some safety protocols are not available in those videos or instruction books.

5)  Qualifications – Some tasks like plumbing and electrical require licenses.  Do not attempt tasks that are way above your qualifications.

Once you have considered all of these things, making a decision on whether the job is worth hiring a professional or attempting a DIY will be much clearer.


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