Types of Carpet Cleaning

August 30, 2011

Despite the popularity of carpets, there are homeowners who still hold several reservations using them for the home.  Many believe it is the most tedious to clean among all the types of flooring.  It is also said to hold allergens that are dangerous to the health of the family which means regular cleaning is a must.  However, with the right cleaning regimen, carpets are a wonderful flooring choice.  Here is a guide on the different types of carpet cleaning to help keep your carpet clean and last longer.

1) Shampoo -  This involves the use of detergents together with a cleaning machine.  After agitating the detergent on the carpet, the shampoo is vacuumed off.  It is considered the least effective type of carpet cleaning.  Your carpet will smell good and clean, but allergens and microbes are likely to still be in there.

2)  Dry Cleaning Method -  This is one of the more popular methods where a chemical powder is applied on the carpet to attract the dirt and grime.  This is later removed with a vacuum.  What makes dry cleaning popular is that the carpet will not have any downtime from being wet.

3)  Foam Cleaning -  Instead of a shampoo detergent, a foam detergent is used to attract the dirt from the carpet.  This is a combination of shampoo and dry cleaning where a foam detergent is used to attract the dirt and vacuumed away.  There is minimal water used for the process and drying time is shorter since most of the water is vacuumed off.

4)  Bonnet Cleaning -  No deep cleaning involved and focuses primarily on appearance.  Not recommended for residential carpets and used only for commercial areas.

5)  Steam Cleaning -  This is the most effective type of carpet cleaning and is also known as hot water extraction. A powerful machine injects hot water solution into the carpet and later extracted.  The solution is effective in eliminating as much of the microbes and allergens in the carpet.

Deep cleaning of carpets is  recommended but need not be performed frequently.  As long as carpets are vacuumed often, deep cleaning by professionals can be done less often.


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