Strange Housing No-No’s From Across the Country

April 27, 2011

Anyone who has ever done an extensive amount of work to their home, or in some cases just erected a new fence in their back yard, has probably become familiar with the fact that there are certain laws on the books and regulation in place that govern a number of different aspects of a number of home remodeling projects.

Most of them make sense, even if they can be a more than a little annoying. However, there are some home and garden remodeling and general living regulations in areas across the country that are a little strange to say the least. Here are a few of them:

In the Bathroom

Thinking of replacing your bath tub? If you lived in Kansas City, Missouri your choices would be limited by a local law that forbids the installation of bath tubs with claw feet that resemble those of animals. And the fact that is (technically) illegal to eat an orange in the bath in California is just plain weird.

The Great Outdoors

There are some strange rules enforced in communities around the country that govern the outdoor space around your home as well. Homeowners in Seaside, Florida for example are mandated by local by laws to surround their yard with a white picket fence and full width two story porches.

In Pueblo, California it probably pays to have the number of a landscaper, or at least a teenager with a lawnmower, on hand  to have them keep a careful eye on your lawn as it is illegal to allow dandelions to grow within the city limits. It is also worth noting that (once again) in the State of California it is also illegal to stop children from jumping over puddles so making sure their yard gets adequate drainage may be a priority if they do not want a yard full of kids every time it rains.

Big Brother Indoors

We all know that there are plenty of laws that govern our behavior outdoors but in some areas of the country Big Brother is watching homeowners indoor activities as well. For instance those who live in Massachusetts had better make sure that they have secure windows and good window treatments as snoring behind an unlocked, uncovered window is illegal. And if you were ever to happen to move to a nice home in Wyoming you would have to brush up on your knowledge of the art world as all new buildings – including residential homes – that cost over $100,000 to build must have 1% of funds spent on art work for the building.

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