Choosing the Perfect Nursery Flooring for Your Baby’s Room

March 20, 2011

As a parent everyone wants to create the safest possible environment for their children , especially in the nursery. New parents spend weeks getting the nursery ready for a new arrival but between picking out the right crib, choosing the nursery theme and buying all that cute bedding one very important element of any nursery often gets somewhat overlooked – the flooring.

Having the right flooring in the nursery is essential though. It used to be simple – The nursery floor had to be soft and cozy, however… these days with concerns about allergies, chemicals, VOCs as well as budget restrictions choosing the right flooring for Baby’s first bedroom has become a whole lot more complicated.

Before new parents do anything else they have one decision to make – are they going to stick with the flooring that is already in place in the nursery or start over with something new? Whatever that decision is though there are common factors that any healthy, attractive nursery flooring must possess. Here are some of the most important:

Easy to keep clean and sanitary – Babies are messy, there are just no two ways about it. They have “accidents”, bottles are spilled, food is thrown around. Having a nursery flooring that is easy to clean up quickly will make life much easier on an everyday basis.

Allergens, dirt and dust are another problem, Whatever flooring you choose for your nursery it has to be easy to keep things out of the air and off the floor.

Fall Friendly – As soon as Baby can crawl, and then a short time later walk, the falls and the tumbles begin as well. And when babies fall it is generally on their faces – which on a very hard floor is, at the very least, going to hurt a lot.

Warm and Cozy – A baby’s nursery should be as warm and cozy as possible, especially when they start moving around by themselves. If the floor in their nursery is too cold no child is going to want to crawl across it.

Quiet – Any parent can tell you how terrible it can be when you spend an hour trying to get Baby off to sleep and then once they finally are they are awoken by the sound of footsteps as Mom or Dad try to creep out of the room. The quieter the better really is key when choosing good nursery flooring.

Nursery Flooring Options

Carpet – Carpet has been the most popular choice for nursery flooring for decades. Recently though parents have been concerned that carpets may be bad for children with asthma or allergies. That is actually however not the case. The fibers in modern carpet actually trap dust and allergens, pulling them out of the air where they are harmful. Provided you vacuum the nursery carpet on a regular – preferably daily – basis, modern carpeting is still a great choice for the nursery.

Hardwood – Many parents are worried about using hardwood in the nursery because Baby may be injured on the hard surface if they fall. This danger can be minimized however with the placement of good nursery rugs in play areas. On the upside hardwood is easy to sweep free and dirt and debris, easy to clean accidents up from and from an aesthetic point of view it matches any nursery décor.

Cork – As a residential flooring cork is a newer option, but it also may be the perfect nursery flooring. To meet the softness requirement cork has a natural “springiness” that makes it easier to walk (and crawl) on and Baby’s fall will be even more cushioned than if there were carpeting on the floor. Cork flooring absorbs sound, is naturally insect repellent, warm and easy to clean. What else could you ask from a nursery floor? Oh yes, that it looks great too, which natural; cork certainly does.

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