Bathroom Design Ideas – Asian Inspired Bathroom

March 7, 2011

There are many different bathroom décor styles and which you choose when remodeling or upgrading your bathroom is purely a matter of personal taste. The Asian inspired bathroom is a beautiful, stylish look that many homeowners love. Such décor transforms a functional room into a tranquil spa and to do so is far easier than you might think. Here are some tips for creating a new Zen like bathroom space in your home:

The Key is Simplicity – The theme of an Asian inspired bathroom should be “less is more” as in less clutter and more style. The overall effect should be a tranquil, simple look that provides refuge from the busy goings on in the rest of the house.

Natural is Best – The best Asian inspired bathrooms make great use of various natural elements. Bamboo can be introduced, either in the form of a beautiful floor or incorporated into the function of the bathroom itself in the form of a gorgeous (and still rather unusual) bamboo vessel sink. The addition of a waterfall faucet with such a sink is a great way to add a soothing outdoor inspired touch to your Asian inspired bathroom.

Showering Simplicity – Since simple is the key when designing an Asian inspired bathroom bulky shower curtains should really be replaced with glass shower doors. Such doors blend in almost invisibly with their surroundings and add to that spacious, clean ambiance you are looking for.

Storage – The counters in an Asian inspired bathroom are clean and clutter free. To achieve that you will need bathroom cabinets and storage cupboards that offer plenty of space. You can gain extra stylish storage space without ruining the overlook of your new bathroom by adding a simple raffia laundry basket.

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