Beautiful Bathroom Innovations for Your Home

February 11, 2011

If you are going to spend some of your hard earned cash on remodeling your bathroom why not go all the way and check out some of the latest bathroom innovations that are available today. You might be quite astonished by what you can find and just how useful some of these little bathroom tweaks will become in your everyday life as well as how much better your bathroom will look when the installation is all done.

Touchlight – A candle lit bath is very soothing and if you so desire very romantic. However candles are more than a bit messy, a tad dangerous and oh yes, the second a splash of water hits them they are snuffed out. Enter instead the Touchlight from bathroom innovators Villeroy and Boch.

These clever bath lights were once only available for an expensive whirlpool system but now any bath sold by the company can be fitted with these bright LED lights. There are two lighting choices available. You can opt for a constant warm white light that is very flattering or choose a six color rotating combination for a little extra flash. Touchlights are flush mounted so that they are easy to clean and can be used whether or not the bath itself is actually filled.

Bamboo Bathroom Sinks – We do always seem to keep extolling the virtues of a bamboo floor – for good reason – but bamboo is so versatile it can also be used to create amazingly functional and absolutely beautiful bathroom sinks.

Lenova make several different bamboo bathroom sink models that are as functional as they are attractive. One of our favorites is the Lenova  vessel sink. If you want your guests to talk about your bathroom (in a nice way) installing one of these unusual sinks will certainly make sure of that.

Retro Clawfoot Tubs made Modern – There is just something about a claw foot tub that simply screams elegance, luxury and style. St Thomas Bath Creations are bringing that old fashioned beauty into the 21st century with their fine collection of modern claw foot tubs. From the ornate wrought iron accented splendor of the Orleans model to the Bostonian (which has amazing lions claw feet) there is a model to suit every taste.

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