Why Won’t my Local Flooring Company Lay the Flooring I Bought Elsewhere?

January 17, 2011

You are looking for a new flooring material. You have been to a number of flooring showrooms, have seen some great choices but then you find a warehouse discount store that selling a similar (not quite the same but who’s really going to know?) flooring material as you liked in the flooring store.

Maybe you should just go ahead and buy it and then find someone to install it for you. Even if you didn’t buy from them, you noticed that the flooring showroom offers expert installation and they are unlikely to turn down the business right?

Actually, if they are a good flooring company in general they probably will. Not because they are upset that you bought the flooring elsewhere, but for your own protection.

Most flooring comes with a warranty. Flooring of any kind is not exactly a small purchase so that is of course to be expected. The only problem is that, like and warranty, flooring warranties come with some rather strict regulations and conditions attached. One of those conditions is that the dealer who sold you the flooring provides the company with their original invoice (not your receipt, their invoice from the flooring company that recorded the dealer’s purchase)

If something should go wrong with your flooring if you hired someone else other than the company you bought your floor from to install it they will have no access to that invoice and will simply be unable to help you, however much they might want to. That is the only reason why they are likely to turn down a request to install a floor they did not sell.

One final note – if you are buying flooring from a discount store make sure that they keep enough records that they will be able to help you if something goes wrong. Get specific details about how their company handles warranty claims on the flooring they sell before you buy a thing, otherwise any money you think you are saving may in the end be negated by the need to replace damaged flooring out of your own pocket even though it is still technically covered by its warranty.

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