What is Your Personal Kitchen Style?

January 29, 2011

Just like clothing, there are many different styles of kitchen and they tend to go in and out of style (one day you’re in, the next day you’re out as Heidi Klum would say) Therefore remodeling your kitchen to match the “hot” style of the year is not always a good idea. Just ask anyone who remodeled their kitchen in says, the mid seventies, to suit the trends back then. Avocado walls anyone? Not any more that’s for sure.

However your kitchen should have some sense of a style or theme to look pulled together. Fortunately there are certain styles that can stand the test of time and should look as current in ten years as they do today:

Contemporary Kitchens – A contemporary kitchen is usually one that could be described as modern, rather minimalist and certainly geometric and elegant. Common characteristics of a contemporary kitchen include defined horizontal lines, asymmetry and the absence of excessive wall decorations or other extra adornments.

The materials used in a contemporary kitchen are often are man-made rather than natural: stainless steel appliances , laminate flooring and glass fronted cabinets are all often features in a contemporary kitchen.

Country Kitchens – Country kitchens never really go out of style and if you like the look it is a very beautiful one. The vibe in a country country is warm, friendly and comfortable, the kind of space you want to hang out in long after supper is over.

Beautiful wooden kitchen cabinetry is often the main focus of a country kitchen and for counter tops ceramic tile is often a popular choice although more and more people are incorporating the natural beauty of a granite counter top into their country kitchen décor instead. Fabrics play an important part as well and window treatments especially tend to be colorful and fun.

Transitional Kitchens – Transitional kitchens blend elements from other kitchen “type” and perhaps the best choice if you want a kitchen décor that can be considered timeless.

A transitional kitchen is rather eclectic in nature but that does have to mean they look disorganized or scattered. For example elements of a country kitchen can be made transitional by the addition of lighter wood kitchen cabinets and a beautiful bamboo floor. Alternately the colder look of a contemporary kitchen can be softened around the edges with the careful use of bright fabric window treatments.

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