The Best Way to Care for Cork Floors

January 5, 2011

Although cork floors are, if properly installed, every bit as durable as any other hardwood flooring they do need a little regular TLC to keep them in the best shape possible (as does any flooring type) Here are a few tips for keeping your new cork flooring looking beautiful for years.

Everyday Cleaning – Often a dry mopping or gentle sweep every couple of days is all that a cork floor really needs in the way of regular cleaning. A dry Swiffer- type mop is great for catching any dirt and dust on the floor. You should not wet mop your cork floors, hardwood floors in general do not like water at all. If the floor is very soiled a slightly damp mop can be used on a cork floor as long as there is so little moisture transferred to the floor that it evaporates right away or you dry the floor throughly immediately after cleaning.

Sunlight – If a cork floor is exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time it will fade. Protect your cork floor from damaging rays of sunshine by utilizing blinds or light drapes. You may also want to reposition the furniture in a room with cork floors occasionally so that any natural change in color is spread evenly throughout the room

Humidity – If your home is located in an area that is prone to high humidity investing in a dehumidifier is a good idea when you have had cork flooring installed. Conversely if your home is excessively dry a humidifier would be a good buy. Cork floors do best in a home that has a constant moderate humidity level, as it will not be so prone to potentially damaging shrinking and expansion.

Installation – The manner in which cork flooring is installed is crucial to its longevity. Installing a cork floor is not a great project for an amateur and a cork floor that is improperly installed is far more likely to give you problems rather quickly.

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