Spring Remodeling Tweaks to Breathe New Life into Your Home

January 23, 2011

Before we know it (to the relief of many of us) the snow will be gone and spring will be here. That is of course the time many of us set aside a day or so to spruce up our homes, get rid of some clutter and do a bit of spring cleaning. This year though why not do a little spring home improvement as well? Here are some easy to implement and relatively inexpensive spring projects and purchases that will give your home a new look for the new season:

New Window Treatments – Let the spring sun shine in by replacing your old, drab window treatments with something new and exciting. The seemingly simple act of switching those outdated (and lets face it rather grimy now) kitchen curtains for sleek new blinds or sheer new curtains can transform the whole space in a way you might never have imagined they would.

Show your Hardwood Floors some Love – Hardwood floors are wonderful, beautiful things but once in a while they do need a little extra attention to continue to look their best. A good professional sanding and refinishing job can revive an older hardwood floor to its original beauty in a matter of hours. And if you are looking for a bit of change this is the perfect opportunity as your hardwood floor can be re-stained with a new color, making it look as though you have just installed a brand new floor altogether.

Replace that Old Torn Lino – You have been trying to ignore that old torn lino in the kitchen or bathroom for quite a while now. But it really is getting worse, however much you try to pretend its not. There are always great financing deals available at the start of a new year and the spring is the perfect time to take the plunge and get some new flooring installed that will spruce up your home and add new style elements that will really make a difference.

Sweat the Little Stuff – Sick of replacing that knob that keeps falling off the kitchen drawer? Had enough of those 80s era cabinet pulls that date your bathroom cabinets so much? Replacing just your cabinets hardware is easy, inexpensive and can rejuvenate cabinets all over your house in just a few hours.

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