Laminate Bathroom Flooring to Suit Every Taste

January 12, 2011

Most homeowners know that although the look is a beautiful one real hardwood floors and bathrooms do not make a great combination. Hardwood does not do well when exposed to excess moisture and in a bathroom there is certainly more than a little bit of that.

A better choice if you want a bathroom flooring that is a little out of the ordinary is laminate. But what kind of laminate look suits a bathroom best? Here is a rundown of some of the more common options available to you:

Oak – Oak look laminate flooring is a hugely popular choice for bathroom use amongst homeowners who opt to use laminate in the bathroom. Todays laminate flooring has wood grain that is so expertly embossed onto that tough “wear layer” that it looks almost real and also has great inbuilt slip resistance.

Pine – Laminate that mimics pine is another great choice for the bathroom because it reflects the light beautifully and tends to have a clean and shiny look that is extremely attractive.

Travertine – One of the most wonderful things about laminate flooring is that it can mimic stone every bit as well as it can hardwood. A travertine laminate bathroom floor is one of the most elegant and sophisticated choices a homeowner can make and apart form its great beauty the deeper embossing on a travertine laminate floor makes it incredibly slip resistant as well.

Slate – Slate floors are beautiful but real stone is cold underfoot at the best of times and a stone floor in a bathroom could be a horror to step on right out of the shower. Slate laminate solves that problem but looks every bit as elegant as the real thing. If you really want a rustic look though opt for a natural stone laminate.

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