Can Cork Flooring Be Refinished?

January 6, 2011

Homeowners have a great many choices these days when it comes to purchasing new hard surface flooring for their homes. Hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl and of course the increasing popular green choices – bamboo and cork.

When customers are considering cork flooring for their home one of the most frequently asked questions is can a cork floor be refinished in a manner similar to hardwood flooring. Professional sanding and refinishing can restore an older hardwood floor to its original beauty in the matter of a day. Since cork is a rather different substance though, they are concerned about what remedies would be available to them should their cork floors begin to look a little worse for wear.

It should be noted to begin with that when they are properly finished and sealed cork floors are probably some of the toughest flooring materials out the in the face of heavy foot traffic. That is the reason why cork floors were the choice of busy hospitals, libraries and office buildings for years before they became popular for residential use.

The key to getting a cork floor that will last for decades and still look good is to buy high quality cork flooring in the first place. Like any other flooring material there is good stuff and bad stuff and it pays to make sure you know which you are buying.

The only real reason you might need to refinish a good quality cork floor is if the finish is really beginning to wear or it has a number of dents in it. In the face of this kind of scenario a cork floor can be sanded and refinished – but very, very carefully.

DIY cork floor refinishing is something that often ends in disaster and the virtual destruction of a whole area of the floor. Cork has to be sanded with a grand deal of care and expertise and some professionals even balk at the task because one or two bad moves and they will be facing a very grumpy homeowner indeed.

However, in the hands of trained flooring expert a cork floor can refinished, and the color even changed, should its owner desire it.

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