Removing Christmas Tree Sap Stains from Your Carpet

December 21, 2010

A real Christmas tree is a great way to celebrate the season and there are many people who would never consider swapping the sight and smell of a real tree for a fake one, even if they are rather messy.

Anyone who has ever erected a Christmas tree in a carpeted room is familiar with the once a day vacuuming that is necessary to keep fallen pine needles off the floor but that is not only challenge a real Christmas tree can present the average carpet with over the course of the few weeks it is in place.

Christmas tree sap, if it gets onto the carpet, which it often seems to, however careful you are, can seem like it is impossible to remove. That is not the case though, as long as you deal with the stain as quickly as possible (yes it may be days before you notice it) and employ one of the following cleaning methods:

Alcohol – Not the Christmas cheer variety of course , but clear rubbing alcohol. Before using this method, it is important to test an inconspicuous area of the carpeting to make sure that the alcohol will not discolor the carpet fibers. If you determine it is safe to proceed take a clean cloth dampened with alcohol and blot it gently over the sap stain, then using a second dry cloth blot up the sap that has been loosened by the alcohol before it dries.

Dry Cleaning Solvent – The method for using dry cleaning solvent to remove sap stains is much the same as that for using alcohol. The same precautionary test should also be employed. The advantage that dry cleaning solvent has over alcohol is that it is far more effective at removing “set in” sap stains, that perhaps you did not notice until you took the tree down.

Dishwashing Liquid - Apply a very small amount of a clear colored liquid dishwashing detergent to the sap stain and scrub sap very gently with a clean cloth moistened with warm water. Continue, using clean rags, until both the sap and the soap have been removed. Removing the soap is every bit as important as removing the sap as if it is left on most carpets it will literally become a dirt magnet.

Some people also suggest using mayonnaise to remove Christmas tree sap from carpet but this is not a method we would recommend. If even the tiniest amount of the stuff is left on the carpet the mildew and mold that is likely to form will be a far worse problem than a tree sap stain.

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