Live Christmas Trees on Hardwood Floors – Tips to Prevent Permanent Damage

December 4, 2010

Nothing quite says Christmas like the smell of baking, holiday songs on the radio and of course, the look and smell of a real live Christmas tree.

However, for those of us with hardwood flooring a real Christmas tree can lead to scratches, sap stains and those dreaded water spots that are practically impossible to get rid of without having the whole floor sanded and refinished in the New Year.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, as long as you take some precautions to protect your precious hardwood floors from Yuletide damage. Here is how that is easily done:

  • Before you bring the tree home fold an old sheet or blanket into quarters and place it where you intend to install the tree in the room. Then cut or fold a plastic tablecloth and place it over the blanket. Finally add the Christmas tree stand and then everything will be ready for when you have picked that perfect tree. At this time you should also place an old – or inexpensive- bathmat near the door you will be bringing the tree inside through. But more about that later..
  • Before you bring your Christmas tree into the house shake it – very gently – even if it is covered in netting as many live trees are. This will loosen any very loose needles so that they are not trekked all across your hardwood floors where they could be trodden on and cause scratching.
  • Now it’s time for that bath mat. Place the base of your Christmas tree on the mat and then slide your tree across the hardwood floor. Fewer needles will fall and you won’t run the risk of dropping it.
  • Once you have your tree in its base use a pitcher to fill the base with water (carefully) and then you can cover up those hardwood floor protecting blankets and tablecloths with a nice tree skirt.
  • When all the festivities are over and it’s time for the tree to go the way you have set it up should make it super easy to, after you have drained all the water out,  drag the entire setup (tree and stand) on the sheet and tablecloth to the door.

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