Kitchen Sink Types to Suit All Tastes

December 8, 2010

Together with the stove and the refrigerator it is your kitchen sink that gets the biggest workout on the average day. A kitchen sink should be more than just useful though, a good one will add style and aesthetic appeal to the space as a whole.

If you are thinking of buying a new kitchen sink – either as part of an overall kitchen remodel or as a standalone spruce up the space project – there are plenty out there to choose from. Before you pick a design though, it helps to understand the basic categories that kitchen sinks fall into and the quirks of each particular kind.

Undermounted – The undermounted sink is probably the most commonly found type of sink in the modern residential kitchen. The sink bowl is attached underneath the countertop so that no rim shows above the surface and the line between counter top and sink rim is eliminated.

Integral – An integral kitchen sink is crafted from the same material as the kitchen counter top and there are no seams on the visible surface. This makes for a clean, continuous line that is perfect for an ultra modern kitchen.

Flush Mount – A flush mounted kitchen sink has a rolled edge that is mounted over the countertop itself. This does mean that the sink will take up more space than its actual dimensions suggest so make sure you measure accurately before having such a sink installed.

Rimmed – A rimmed kitchen sink is affixed to the counter top using a metal strip all the way around. This kind of sink is often the cheapest option but it rarely does much for the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Tile In – The sink is installed in just the way its name suggests. Used in conjunction with a tiled countertop the sink is perfectly aligned with the tile edges to create one seamless flow across the workspace. This is an excellent kitchen sink choice if you are planning a Tuscan or Country style kitchen.

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