Tips For Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner to Keep Your Carpets looking Great

November 10, 2010

Everyone knows that in order to keep your new carpet in tip top shape (as well as generally keep things clean around the house) you need a good vacuum cleaner.

But Amps, HEPA filters, bags, no bags, upright, canister, wet/dry – these days it can feel like you need an advanced degree in Vacuum Cleaner Technology to figure out which one is the best for you. The trick is though looking past the glossy ads and working out which features will really be useful to you and which are really just unnecessary extras designed to bump up the price tag.

Amps – You might believe that you will be getting a better vacuum cleaner if it boasts more amps than others. That is not, however necessarily the case. Amps is simply short for amperes, a measurement of how much electricity a vacuum cleaner uses not of how powerful it might be. However, because many people do not quite understand this, amps are often featured very prominently on the box.

Filters – Filter – especially HEPA filters – are a good thing if you are concerned about the air quality in your home. For those with allergy sufferers in the house it will be more expensive but a vacuum cleaner that utilizes HEPA filters is probably well worth the extra investment. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particle Airfilters and vacuums with HEPA filters give out lower emissions – dust and particles spewed into the air and back onto the floors.

Bag or No Bag – This is a matter of personal choice really but the bagless variety of vacuums are rather messy to empty. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about having a full vacuum bag and no back up when the carpet needs a once over before company arrives

Upright or Canister – Upright vacuums still tend to be the better choice for thicker or deep pile carpets. Canisters on the other hand are great for hardwood or other hard surface flooring. If, like many homeowners you have a mixture of the two an upright is still the better all around choice as carpets need to be kept as clean as possible and hard surface floors are always easy to sweep clean as an alternative to lugging out the vacuum.

Robot Vacuums – There is no denying that robot vacuums – the kind that dash about the house by themselves- look really cool. They are however very slow. In a recent Consumer Reports study all of the popular models took over an hour to clean a single rooms worth of carpet and they do have a tendency to get stuck.

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