The Trick to a Clean Ceramic Tile Shower Every Day

November 4, 2010

Ceramic tile showers are beautiful to behold and fabulous to use. In fact most ceramic tile shower owners have only one single complaint. “I wish I could have a tile shower without the grout joints. It’s impossible to keep them clean” is a familiar lament.

In actual fact it is far from impossible to keep a tile shower (and its grout) clean and grime free but it does take a little regular effort. Over the years we at Aladdin Carpet and Floors have seen dozens of special shower cleaning sprays hit the market and some of them are rather good, some of them not so great. It’s hard to tell which products are really the best because different people seem to have varying levels of success using them.

There is one thing, however, that is guaranteed to keep your ceramic tile shower looking new requires no special cleaning formulas and in reality only takes a few minutes a day.

The trick to a clean shower is that each and every time the shower is used, it must be completely dried out. Some people use a squeegee to pull the moisture away from tile shower walls and then use a towel to mop it all up from the floor. Others simply keep a supply of “shower towels” in bathroom, to be used only for drying out the shower after use.

If you fail to wipe down your shower each time it’s used, a couple of different, and rather detrimental, things will happen to it. First of all of course that the grout will get grimy, possibly not only with dirt but with mold and/or mildew as well. Then it does become hard to clean. Secondly the minerals in your water may etch or pit the glaze on the surface of the tiles, weakening them and eventually degrading their beauty.

If you have shower glass doors as well, as most people with ceramic tile showers do it may etch them as well, so they too should be throughly dried off after use.

You should also seal the grout and tiles with a penetrating tile sealer both when the shower is new and periodically through the years. Ceramic tile or grout are not completely waterproof and left unsealed will retain a certain amount of moisture every time the shower is used, again eventually leading to mold and mildew.

There are many brands of tile sealers on the market, all of which fall into two general categories: mineral based and latex or acrylic based. Many people tend to opt for the latex based products because they smell less than the mineral ones whilst setting.

Never use a sealer though without following the manufacturers directions to the letter and make sure before you even buy it that it really is suitable for use in your shower.

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