Mini Kitchen Makeovers for Those on a Tight Budget

November 4, 2010

Your kitchen looks more than a little dated and you are perfectly aware that a kitchen remodel would solve the problem but right now your budget just isn’t going to run to a full kitchen makeover. But don’t despair. While you are saving up for the kitchen remodel of your dreams you can implement  some smaller, yet very effective, remodeling and redecorating  tweaks to make the space look a whole lot better than it did before.

Even better news is that most of this can probably be achieved in a weekend so you even have time to update your kitchen a little before the holiday guests strata arriving. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Change the Cabinet Hardware – In many cases it is not the cabinets themselves that are hopelessly outdated, it is the cabinet hardware that is making them look so dowdy. The simple act of replacing that old hardware with something more modern and stylish can change the existing cabinets completely and installation should only take a few short hours.

Update the Color Scheme – Color trends come and go and the yellows and avocados that were very much in vogue in the seventies really don’t fir in the 21st century. Neither does that busy wallpaper that was all the rage in the eighties. If your kitchen walls are looking a little worse for wear, a few simple coats of paint can make a huge difference. Want to make an even bigger impact with your kitchen walls? Have a new ceramic tile backsplash installed as well.

Take a Long Look At Your Kitchen Floor –Area rugs in the kitchen can help cover up minor imperfections perfectly.  If your kitchen floor is really showing its age though –cracks, rips, ten year old stains that no one knows (or wants to know) what they really are – then you may have to bite the bullet and opt for new flooring. The best bet for those on a tight budget is vinyl flooring. Today’s vinyl flooring is durable and water resistant and can even mimic more expensive flooring options like hardwood and natural stone.

Update Your Window Treatments – If you have had the same pair of cherry motif café curtains for the past decade then it is probably time for a change. There are a huge variety of kitchen window treatments available today and any one of them will have a far greater impact on your kitchen’s transformation than you might ever have imagined possible.

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