Weighing Up your Water Closet Options

October 31, 2010

A toilet is just a toilet right? Not quite. The problem is that during the planning stages of a bathroom remodel it tends to get overlooked and the homeowner and contractor  leave it out of the design plan and but the cheapest stock model at the local home store. That however can be a big mistake.

You will probably spend hours, if not days picking out the perfect bathroom sink, the perfect bathroom cabinets, planning a great new custom shower complete with ceramic tiling and shower glass doors. Why would you not pay at least some time reviewing your water closet options?

It is true that at first glance most toilets look very similar. An elongated bowl changes things up a little but in the overall scheme of things it may not make a huge difference aesthetically. Or at least that is the common perception. That is actually a long way from the truth these days as there are many different and innovative toliet design options available.

When choosing the perfect toilet for your bathroom remodel how well it functions matters a great deal as well and that is where toilets can really differ a lot.

Water efficiency is an important thing to consider when choosing a new toilet. The simple act of flushing uses an awful lot of water. If you can find a toilet that is a low flow model (ie uses less water per flush) you will save a great deal of money on your annual water bill and will be helping the environment at the same time.

Some people worry though that a low flow toilet is going to be less efficient and unable to handle what it needs to. While that may be true for a handful of models there are some out there that use less water per flush and can still flush away whatever it is faced with. The St Thomas Creations  Eco-Quattro water closet are a great example (see them in action here) but there are several other great options available as well.

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