Hot Trends in Window Treatments.

October 12, 2010

Drapes looking a little drab? Blinds seen better days? Then its time to think about livening up the place a bit with new window treatments. You would be surprised just how much the simple act of replacing your window treatments can make to a room. With that in mind here are some of the hottest window treatments trends that are impressing the glossy home magazines (and savvy consumers) right now.

Wool – Wool can be a great choice for drapes, especially in winter. Wool is durable, it hangs perfectly and it tends to retain its color very well, even in the face of harsh  sunlight. Maybe not the right choice for those living in warmer climes but for creating a nice cozy atmosphere during the depths of a North Easter winter? Just perfect.

Shades and Sheers – Combining a high quality yet basic window shade with an elegant set of sheer panels gives you the best of both worlds – privacy and style. Match the  color of the sheer to an element in the room that you would like to highlight – a nice red sofa for instance – for an instant interior décor boost.

Roman Blinds – Some say that the Roman blind is replacing other kinds as the shade of choice because of its elegance, simplicity and versatility. However roman shades are far from boring and available in every color of the rainbow and a myriad of stunning patterns as well. Another big advantage? They are much easier to keep clean than venetian blinds.

Hot Hardware – Today’s hot window treatments are not only about fabulous fabrics, they’re also about the hardware, which includes the rods and finials (ornaments that decorate the ends of the rods). Hardware comes in any shape or size and are made of everything from wood to chrome to brushed nickel to brass.

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