Laminate Floors – How to Prevent That “Clicking Sound”

September 15, 2010

Laminate flooring is wonderful stuff and many people love it not only for its appearance but its durability and ease of maintenance as well.

One complaint that some laminate floor owners do have however is that their laminate flooring makes a hollow clicking sound when walked on that can become rather annoying after a while.

This is a common problem but it can be prevented at installation by purchasing a good underlayment to be installed at the same time as your new floor.

Another possible reason for that annoying click is that the laminate boards may not have been properly acclimatized to their surroundings before they were laid. Just like hardwood laminate should be stored in the room where it is to be installed for a while before it is laid so that it can “adjust” to the humidity levels in the room.

Many people do find though that even if their laminate floor does click at first over time, as the boards settle the clicking goes away by itself. However if you choose a good flooring professional to do the job in the first place your laminate floors should be as quiet as any other hard flooring choice from day one.

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