Common Kitchen Layouts Explained

September 22, 2010

Attractive functional kitchens usually do not just ‘happen” they require planning, a good design and an installer who can put it all together.

The concept to begin with is that there are three basic task areas to coordinate in the average kitchen; these are food storage (refrigerator), cooking (stove/microwave), and cleanup (sink/garbage disposal/dishwasher).

For a kitchen to be most efficient the “path” between these three separate task areas has to be an easy an uncluttered one. Anything else that the homeowners want to be featured in their remodeled or rebuilt kitchen has to be fitted in around these three areas.

One of the more common and traditional kitchen layouts is called a U shaped layout. In this layout, three (or more) Kitchen cabinets are laid out in a U-shape. The cleanup sink and dishwasher area are in the center of one side, the refrigerator food storage on another, and the cooking area on the third.

This leaves an open area in the center that allows for more than one person to work comfortably if the kitchen is large enough. In a larger kitchen, this where a kitchen island would function best.

The G-shaped kitchen is quite similar to a U, except that a short counter is added at a 90 degree angle to one of the cabinet ends. Viewed from above, it looks like the capital letter G thus its name. This version is also called a peninsula layout by some interior decorators and architects. That extra countertop is handy for any number of things, especially in a very busy kitchen.

The L shaped kitchen is also a very popular choice these days. This kitchen design features kitchen countertops very prominently  so it is great for those who want to showcase a granite or silestone countertop to best effect. the L-shape just uses two long countertops at a 90 degree angle.

Usually, the sink is located in the center of one, which allows for plenty of food prep space on both sides. The cooking area is located in the center of the other cabinet, and the refrigerator is located at the far end. Since the other two sides are wide open, more than one person can work comfortably.

These are just three of the most common kitchen layouts there are of course many more. Whichever you choose though the quality of the kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and appliances you chose will make a difference to the  finished kitchen, as will making sure that everything is put together by a qualified installer.

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