Home Improvements to Increase Your Home’s Value

August 5, 2010

Even if you are not thinking about selling your home right now you may want to in the future and many people often ask what home improvements will increase the value of their home as well as make it more attractive and functional. There are in fact a number of ways to do so, but here a few of the most popular right now:

An Upgraded Kitchen – Many homebuyers these days tend to want a large, functional kitchen with a lot of workspace. They also look for higher end flooring like laminate or engineered hardwood.

If you are considering upgrading or remodeling your kitchen these points are worth keeping in mind and the fact that almost any kitchen remodeling project whether it is installing new granite counter tops (another big draw for homebuyers) or swapping that old vinyl tile floor for a nice new laminate one will increase both the perceived and the real value of your home at sale time.

Efficient Bathrooms – A grungy, outdated bathroom can be a real deal breaker, even if the rest of the house is amazing. There are many new bathroom fixtures available today that are as water efficient (another big selling point) as they are modern and attractive. Another popular bathroom upgrade you might want to consider is replacing those nasty old shower curtains with shower glass doors. They look elegant and attractive and can make even the smallest bathroom appear lighter and bigger than it really is.

Green Stuff – Everybody wants to go green, so if a home features a bamboo or a cork floor, the hottest options amongst  the eco-friendly set right now, some people will make an offer just because of them (providing the rest of the house is not actually falling to pieces) Hardwood, granite and ceramic tile are also natural materials that are much sought after by today’s real estate buyers as well.

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