Great Window Treatments for the Kitchen

August 23, 2010

Finding the right window treatments for a kitchen can be tricky. You want something that looks good and matches the rest of your décor but it also has to be able to handle dirt, grease and cooking catastrophes. Here are a few tips for picking great kitchen window treatments:

  • With all the mess that can (and does) occur in the average kitchen having fabric window treatments that are not washable is simply not an option. Save the delicate silks for the bedroom.
  • If you have a kitchen that opens into another windowed room, as so many do today you do not have to match the window treatments in the two rooms exactly but at least make sure they coordinate with one another to a certain extent. Green curtains in the kitchen and red blinds in the dining nook are simply not going to work.
  • Café curtains are a kitchen classic and for good reason. They provide just enough privacy while still letting in plenty of light, making them a good choice for a smaller, darker kitchen. You can also have a lot of decorating fun when you pick out the rods to hang them on as there are dozens of attractive options available these days that can alter the look of the whole kitchen in a flash.
  • One of the least expensive window treatment options for the kitchen is roller blinds. You can find them in almost any color you can imagine, just make sure they are durable enough to withstand a regular wipe down, especially if they located near cooking areas.

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