Flooring Don’ts’s You Need to Know About

August 30, 2010

Along with all the flooring do’s there are also a number of flooring don’ts that have to be kept in mind when shopping for flooring of any kind. Here are some of the most important:

  • Don’t have hardwood floors installed in rooms that are where a lot of water splashes are likely to occur unless it is carefully sealed and regularly maintained to prevent permanent water damage.
  • Avoid large patterns when choosing a carpet for staircases. Trying to match the pattern, when it’s laid on the stairs themselves leads to a lot of wasted rug and money.
  • Watch your floors when appliance repairmen or other contractors are moving things around your home. Even the toughest vinyl can tear if a huge refrigerator is dragged across it and the same holds true for hardwood and tile too. It’s durable, but that kind of abuse can damage even the best of it.
  • To avoid threshold related accidents ensure that flooring in adjoining rooms is all of a similar height.
  • Choose carpet for high traffic areas carefully. Ask your carpet salesperson whether or not the carpet you like is suited for high foot traffic. If it is not it may be better to look at a different one that is rather than have to replace it sooner than you’d like.
  • Don’t scrimp on the flooring budget if it can be avoided. Flooring is something you make use of every single day and good quality flooring, of whatever kind, is always a wise investment.
  • When calculating your flooring  budget don’t forget to include the necessary extras – padding for carpets, grout and sealant for tiles, delivery, furniture moving and installation – before you come up with a final figure to take shopping with you.

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