Choosing a Flooring Option for Every Room

August 1, 2010

Whatever room in the house you are talking about flooring is a very important element of any of them, both from a design and a practicality point of view. However certain flooring options work better in some rooms than others might. Here are some points to keep in mind when shopping for flooring for the various different areas of your home.

Bathrooms – Ceramic tile is a very popular (and very wise) flooring choice for the bathroom. It durable, easy to clean and comes in a myriad of colors, designs, shapes and sizes. A less expensive alternative is vinyl flooring. It does not quite offer the same warmth as ceramic tile does but it does offer a similar appearance for less.

Hardwood flooring is rarely good bathroom choice because it does not fare well in conditions that are moist. However, if you are really stuck on the idea of having a “wood” look bathroom a la those fancy European spas then laminate flooring is a good way to achieve your goal.

Kitchens – Ceramic tile and vinyl are popular choices for the kitchen too, but laminate is a great option here as well. The average kitchen tends to be right on the boundary line of moisture risk for hardwood but it is a viable option if you pick a durable species and take good care of it.

Bedrooms – In a bedroom, anything goes (when it comes to flooring options!) The feel of a nice plush carpet underfoot appeals to many people who cringe at the thought of stepping out of bed onto a cold tile or hardwood floor on cold wintry mornings. However if you are a real die hard laminate or hardwood flooring fan that cold surprise can be avoided by keeping a nice pair of warm fluffy slippers at the side of the bed at all times.

Family/Living Rooms – This is the room where everyone congregates to hang out and relax so very often a nice warm carpet is the first choice for a family room. Stainmaster carpeting is very stain resistant so it can stand up to the spilled sodas and the occasional dropped chicken wing fairly well (as long as the mess is cleaned up promptly) If you want a living room with a more formal and adult air though, both hardwood and laminate are great flooring choices that can instantly create that kind of atmosphere.

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