The Right Way to Get Stains out of Your Carpet

July 25, 2010

The vast majority of modern carpeting available today is specially treated to be very stain resistant, but stain resistant and stain proof are not the same thing. Accidents happen but when it comes to getting accidental stains out of a carpet how fast, and how you deal with the problem can make all the difference.

If liquid spills occur some people’s natural reaction is to start scrubbing away like a banshee with a whole roll of paper towel. This is not a good idea. Scrubbing can spread the stain and can also cause permanent pile distortion. Instead liquid spills should be blotted up gently with a clean white cloth or plain paper towels, never the patterned stuff.

If you notice a stubborn stain the carpet stain removers that are commonly found in the local grocery store can be very helpful but proceed with extreme caution. Before you use any stain remover on your carpet test it in a small inconspicuous spot to make sure that it does not damage the fiber or the dyes.

The best way to perform this kind of test is to put a few drops onto the test area and hold a clean white cloth over it for about ten seconds. Check the cloth and the carpet itself for color changes, transfer or other damage and if all looks ok you can proceed.

To remove the stain use the smallest amount of solution possible and once again, blot don’t scrub. Once the stain looks like it is gone, rinse the affected area with cold clean water and blot it as dry as possible with another nice clean cloth.

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