Strand Woven Bamboo Floors – Green Flooring with a Unique Twist

July 25, 2010

By now you have probably heard or read that one of the hottest flooring options available today, both because of its beauty and its eco friendliness, is bamboo. And for those customers seeking a truly unique bamboo look that is also extremely tough and durable we often suggest they look at strand woven bamboo flooring.

There are two basic ways bamboo flooring can be created. Bamboo planks are made by taking thin strips of bamboo and boiling them, after which they are pressed together and then glued and or laminated to create a flooring plank ready for installation.

Strand woven bamboo floors are most often created out of the bits and pieces that are left over after bamboo planks have been made. These strands are woven together very tightly (and in various different patterns) compressed and coated with adhesive and then cut into planks once everything has dried and bonded nicely.

All bamboo flooring is tough, but strand woven bamboo flooring is usually stronger than plank flooring, mainly because of that tight weave. As basket weavers can attest, weaving materials together creates a tightly locked bond that is superior in strength to unwoven materials of the same kind.

Strand woven bamboo flooring, like its plank counterparts comes in a wide variety of different shade and hues but it is that added texture that the weaving process creates those appeals to many people as does it strength. For years people have raved about how strong oak hardwood flooring is, so the fact that strand woven bamboo is twice as hard as the ever popular red oak if you are looking for a floor for a higher traffic area strand woven bamboo is a really great choice.

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