Hardwood Flooring Edges Explained

July 20, 2010

When you are out shopping for hardwood flooring one of the things you will quickly realize is that hardwood flooring boards can be purchased in a number of different sizes. In the trade narrower boards are referred to as strips and wider boards are called planks. What you might not know is that the hardwood board size you choose can seriously impact the finished look of the room. It is generally accepted that thin boards will expand the appearance of a smaller room while the wider planks are a better choice for a large room.

Different hardwood boards also have different edge styles, and these too can impact the finished flooring. Here is a brief rundown of the hardwood edges that are most commonly available to choose from:

Square Edges – If a hardwood board has square edges the edges of all the boards are quite literally designed to meet squarely which creates a neat uniform smooth surface that blends together almost seamlessly. Square edges boards usually work very well to lend a very contemporary air to the room in which they are installed.

Eased EdgesHardwood planks with eased edges have been carefully beveled but just a little. Sometimes a hardwood flooring manufacturer will bevel both the length of the plank itself as well as the end joints to create a slightly different look. Eased edges are also rather good for disguising an imperfection in the wood itself, such as slightly uneven plank heights (which can happen)

Beveled Edges – If you want to create a room that has a more informal, even perhaps “country” feel to it then hardwood boards with beveled edges are just the ticket for you. These boards display a groove that is far more distinctive and noticeable. Some people shy away from bevel edged boards because they think they might be harder to take care of once the flooring has been installed, fearing that dust and dirt will become trapped in the grooves. This however is not the case these days as the urethane finishes applied at the factory seal them up completely.

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