What is Lead-Safe Certified? We Are!

June 15, 2010

When the EPA announced that in 2010 it would be implementing new regulations to protect those having work done on their home from lead paint exposure many people were a little taken aback. Surely lead paint was a dead issue, something that was resolved back in the late nineteen seventies?

Unfortunately that is not quite the case. If you live in a home (or work in an office) that was built before 1978 the chances are good that there is still lead paint in the building. No one can manufacture or sell paint that contains lead anymore but the stuff that was already there? It is probably still there.

Why should you care about lead paint dust being created when work is being performed on your older residence? The answer is because lead paint poisoning has not gone the way of the disco ball and shag carpeting as so many people believed.

According to government statistics there are 1 million children living in the United States right now that have already been affected by lead paint poisoning which can cause lower intelligence, behavior problems and learning disabilities. Adults are not safe either, since for grownups exposure to lead paint dust can result in high blood pressure, hypertension, and even affect kidney function.

Therefore as of the end of April 2010, the EPA mandates that any professional who is employed to go into a private home, office or day care facility that was built prior to 1978 to do any work that might disturb more than six square feet of a structure, leading to the possible spread of lead paint dust, has to be Lead-Safe Certified. The ruling covers almost every home improvement job you can think of – including flooring.

Aladdin Carpet and Flooring is proud to announce that we were one of the first companies in the Washington Metro Area to gain this Lead-Safe Certified status and we have on staff professional installers who have completed the EPA training that allows us to proudly display the EPA’s green seal of approval.

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