Five Great Reasons to Consider Cork Flooring for Your Kitchen

June 1, 2010

Kitchen remodeling is the single most popular home improvement project undertaken by US homeowners each and every year. A big part of any kitchen remodel is of course changing out that old worn floor covering for something new and attractive, something that can stand up to all the activity that goes on in the kitchen every day while still looking great and fitting in with the overall new décor.

You may have heard that cork flooring is the new “green” flooring of choice because it comes from a source that is very much a renewable resource and therefore extremely environmentally friendly. This alone is of course a good reason to give cork flooring a long hard look when weighting your kitchen flooring options but it is far from the only one. Here are five other great reasons that cork makes a great choice for kitchen floor.

  • Easy on the Legs: Most people spend plenty of time on their feet in the kitchen prepping, cooking, doing dishes and that can be a little hard on the feet, legs and back. The wonderful thing about cork flooring is though because of its unique cellular structure cork has a lot of extra “give” which is a treat for those aching bones.
  • It’s Quiet – There is a reason that a lot of libraries and hospitals have had cork flooring for years – its super quiet when walked upon. Cork has unique sound absorption properties that mean even the highest of high heels won’t make a lot of noise when their wearers are walking across it.
  • It’s Water Resistant – Cork is very water resistant, making it a great choice for a room where spills are almost inevitable.
  • It’s Durable – Some people might think that cork is not as tough or durable as other hardwood options but that is actually far from the case. But cork’s unique properties have another advantage in the kitchen. That resilient give that it possesses means that dropped plates and mugs are far less likely to break, something you might be very glad about when that heirloom china plate survives a fall to the floor.
  • It’s Beautiful Today’s cork flooring comes in a wide range of textures and hues, from light and airy to rich and warm so there is sure to be one that fits your new kitchen’s decor.

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