Completing your Room Décor with Great Window Treatments

June 25, 2010

In general the windows in your home need to be covered, for at least part of the time, to block out light and afford the room’s occupants a certain level of privacy. Window treatments can be so much more than that though, they can serve as the finishing touch (or even central focus) of almost any kind of home décor.

When choosing window treatments for your home the variety available can be quite overwhelming and may need a little more thought than you had imagined. To be effective your window treatments need to blend with the style and the mood of the rest of the room, whatever it may be.

Color can communicate with the human brain via the eye in very special ways. These days many people prefer the main color of their rooms to be somewhat neutral, but window treatments are a great place to add splash of color that can set the tone for the whole room.

If you would like a room to impart a cool, relaxed feeling draperies and blinds in water colored shades like light blue, aqua and green can do so almost instantly, while window treatments in deeper red or orange hues can give off an instant sense of cozy comfort and warmth.

Have you ever wondered why so many people gravitate towards yellow fabrics and window treatments in the kitchen? Color and design experts say it is often a subconscious decision because yellow not only makes people feel happier and more energetic but hungrier as well.

Mixing different types of window treatments can make a serious design statement as well. Using blinds and draperies together in complementary or even contrasting hues and textures often works very well with a little imagination and the use of sheers with draperies creates a tranquil look is often  visually stunning.

When purchasing new window treatments do not forget the hardware you choose can be incorporated into your final look as well. Why condemn a wonderful pair of curtains to life hanging on a white plastic curtain rail when they could be adorning a curtain rod made of the richest of woods or boldest of brasses, something that will really add a little extra something to the overall design.

One very practical reminder though, before you head out window treatment shopping. Measure each of the windows you need to dress properly and make sure you have those measurements with you when you are making your choices.  Guessing at the size of your windows because you forgot to do this can be a very frustrating mistake to make.

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