Aladdin Carpet and Floors Recycles – Do You?

June 25, 2010

At Aladdin Carpet and Floors we believe in going green and not just talking about it, but actually doing something. We were one of the first companies in the Washington DC Metro area to receive Lead Safe certification and we offer a large range of environmentally friendly products such as cork and bamboo flooring and water efficient bathroom and kitchen fixtures (to name just a few)

As our company name suggests though a great deal of our business involves carpet. When our installers go out to a customer’s home to fit their brand new carpeting obviously we offer to haul the old carpet padding away, since there are very few residential garbage men that would be very happy to be faced with a room full of the stuff sticking out of a trashcan first thing in the morning.

We realized that this old carpet padding could be put to a better use. We are now bailing up all the nasty old carpet padding we take out of people’s homes and sending it off to be recycled.

We have learned that recycled carpet padding can be used for making many different products, including mixed fiber products like geotextiles, lumber alternatives, carpet tack strips, fiberboard, under-the-hood auto parts, and sod reinforcement and some fibers from carpet padding are also even used to create entirely new carpeting.

All of this is so much better than having old carpet padding sit in a landfill someplace as so much of it unfortunately still does. The vast majority of carpet padding does not break down and degrade so it clutters up the landscape almost indefinitely, a very environmentally unfriendly state of affairs. We like to think that by doing our bit and recycling our customers unwanted carpet padding we are doing more than a little bit to help make the world a greener, healthier place.

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