Tips for Children’s Bedroom Carpeting

May 7, 2010

Thinking of giving your child’s room a makeover? New carpeting is an easy way to get started but you need to think carefully about the style, color and even type of carpet you choose to have installed in a kid’s room. The average child’s room is, let’s face it, a room in the house where a lot of accidents and mishaps occur. The carpet you pick needs to be able to stand up to spilled sodas, arts and crafts accidents and mud and dirt tracked in on sneakers.

Investing in a STAINMASTER® carpet is of course a very, very good idea for a kid’s bedroom. However careful you tell them to be, kids are going to make a mess, and not just little kids either. One of the newest STAINMASTER® innovations is the LotusFX™ Fiber Shield Technology which is created by mimicking the lotus leaf’s ability to shrug off soil particles and this carpet actually causes moisture to bead up on the surface of the carpeting rather than actually penetrating it . Two great attributes for a kid’s room carpet and the texture is as soft and luxurious as any other option.

Color is a big consideration too. Don’t be tempted to go too dark because doing so makes a room seem smaller than it really is and many kid’s rooms are not that big in the first place. Remember also that children’s tastes vary frequently and the carpet that matched perfectly with last year’s Sponge Bob Square Pants theme may not look so great when he falls out of favor and the overall color scheme of the room changes to accommodate your child’s latest favorite. A neutral brown, tan, or dark shade of cream are all great options for a kid’s room because they fit any décor and make a room seem a little more spacious as well.

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