How Beautiful Bamboo Flooring is Created

May 4, 2010

Mention bamboo and for many people the first image that springs to mind is of a cute panda bear munching on his favorite food. That bamboo can be used to create one of the hardiest and yet very attractive flooring options available today is still quite a surprise to some. Exactly how can something that is essentially a grass be crafted into flooring that is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes?

When bamboo is harvested to make flooring the greenish outer skin is removed and the stalk itself is cut into strips. These strips, still curved in appearance are milled around their outer edges to make them flat and are then dried in a kiln to remove the excess moisture that bamboo naturally contains.

The next step in the process is to boil the bamboo to remove sugars and starches. This process serves two purposes. By removing the starches and sugars the bamboo is rendered unattractive to insects and termites, an essential property for good flooring and it is also for aesthetic purposes as boiled bamboo takes on a darker, richer hue than the light blonde that is its natural color.

After another trip to the kiln the bamboo strips are ready to be glued together in one of a number of variations that create the actual planks that can be used to create a floor and just like hardwood each of them has its own unique patterning.

As a final step the bamboo is coated with aluminum oxide to give it even more strength and further enhance its unique beauty. The finished product is a material that is every bit as durable and beautiful as traditional hardwood flooring, suitable for use in almost any room in your home or office

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