Creating a Beautiful, Eco Friendly Bathroom

May 7, 2010

When people think about going green in their home, both to help the environment and reduce energy bills, their attention often turns to the kitchen first. However the average bathroom is also a room that can be easily retooled make any home a more eco-friendly place (as well as a much better looking one) here are a few simple ideas:

Flooring – The perfect bathroom floor should be as practical as it is beautiful. Carpeting is probably not the most practical choice but there are plenty of other great choices available. Vinyl flooring is a popular and economical choice and the design options are almost endless. Another great alternative gaining ground is cork, especially since it is a great renewable resource while still being durable, versatile and attractive.

A more traditional bathroom flooring option, ceramic tile opens up a whole realm of amazing flooring design possibilities, especially if you also use ceramic tile on the walls to create a truly coordinated look.

Walls – As previously mentioned ceramic tile is a wonderful, durable option for bathroom walls. It’s easy to clean and stays beautiful for years. These days there are ceramic tiles available that perfectly mimic other more expensive options like granite or slate.

Cabinets – Everyone has a lot of bathroom “stuff” so efficient storage options are essential. Replacing old, inefficient bathroom cabinets with new more attractive and practical options is perhaps one of the best things you can do to transform a bathroom from blah to beautiful.

Fixtures – Having new, water conserving bathroom fixtures installed can not only improve the overall appearance of the “smallest room in the house” but also seriously cut your water bills as well. The toilets, sinks and other bathroom fixtures available to homeowners these days are a far cry from those your grandmother had and can help turn your bathroom into something quite spectacular.

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