Small Flooring Mistakes that Have a Big Impact

April 28, 2010

Choosing and purchasing the finest products available for your flooring project is extremely important if you want the final result to be as perfect as you had imagined. However, equally as important is making sure that the person, or firm, you choose to install your new flooring knows what they are doing.

Although those DIY TV programs and videos on YouTube make it sound as though tiling and flooring is an easy task that anyone with a few tools and a spare weekend can tackle that is far from the case.  Even the smallest of mistakes can derail the whole project, as this picture demonstrates.

Here, an inexperienced tile installer extended a plywood support slightly beyond the marble threshold into the adjoining area. Not a big deal? Think again. Now, any installer who is given the task of laying any kind of flooring in that adjoining room,  be it carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate, has to first contend with that pesky piece of wood before they can get started. Cutting that wood is a delicate process, and even if the installer is a real pro (like the flooring technicians at Aladdin Carpets and Flooring) however careful they are disaster can still occur.

The marble threshold itself may very well crack as the plywood is cut, meaning that the homeowner has to pay to have a whole new one installed. If by chance it does remain intact cutting away the extra wood will in all likelihood loosen the threshold, leading to cracks later on. Finally, all that cutting may very well result in the door frame itself becoming chipped and damaged. Any of these occurrences lead to extra expense and frustration on the part of the homeowner and a very unhappy customer for the installation company.

So you see, even the smallest slip, like this one, can lead to big headaches. Having all your tiling and flooring work done right the first time is an investment worth making on any flooring project.

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