Carpet – A Great Indoor Air Filter for Any Home

April 11, 2010

Many people worry about the quality of the air inside their home and with good cause. Dust, dirt and allergens can accumulate quickly, making the atmosphere inside your home as nasty and unhealthy as any you might find outside your front door. What you may not have realized is that adding carpeting  in your home can be the best indoor filter you can install!

Carpets trap all those nasty things in the air, dragging them down and keeping them out of the atmosphere. Of course, you have to make sure you stay on top of the vacuuming to get these pollutants out of your home entirely but a couple of times a week with a good vacuum should be just fine. A professional cleaning every few months is a good idea as well, to keep your carpets – and the air quality in your home – as fresh and clean as possible

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