How are Ceramic Tiles Created?

March 31, 2010

Ceramic tiles have been around in one form or another since the days of the ancient Egyptians. These days one trip to a great tiling store will yield literally thousands of ceramic tile design options. But have you ever wondered how are these ceramic tiles created in the first place?

Ceramic tiles are usually essentially based on simple clay. Modern options are usually also treated with a variety of other chemicals that add extra shine and durability to the finished product as well as dyes to add variations in overall color.

Unless they are of the handmade variety most modern ceramic tile is subjected to a process called dry pressing. The treated clay is formed within a mold and machines press sand into the clay with a rather large force, something that gives ceramic tile its extra durability.

The colors, patterns or designs that may be on a tile are not added until last, sort of like the icing on a birthday cake. They might be hand painted, silk screened or transferred on. By whatever method the tile is decorated it is then glazed and placed into a kiln to be “fired”. By this series of processes ceramic tiles are created that are beautiful and durable that can be utilized almost anywhere, inside the home or out.

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